Here are some recent cinema projects available for purchase:                                         
 For more information or if you have a project you would like to discuss, write me at

Changeover cuer-200

Home made cues on prints bother me so I made this changeover marker that perforates polyester prints. It has registration pin to position the film in the proper location.

I can make this so it scribes a circle in the emulsion but I find that projectionists have a hard time seeing this type of cue on a rewinder and tend to put their own cue over it but this does not happen with a perforated cue. The placement is safe for all formats( 1.37, 1.85 and scope)

Custom Rollers-50 per.

These rollers are 17.5 rollers for a C machine but I can make rollers to fit whatever format.

FCC Cueing: 2,000

 I can adapt the cuing system to whatever printer you may have. The system runs from file to eliminate the need for paper punch tape (or notches).

Controler for Bell and Howell mechanical valves:5,000

 This prototype is running on a 16 model c and is working (apart from the fader which Im still working on)..

Servo controlled iris for optical printer or step contact printer such as a matipo or arri.2,500

This is in the prototype stage but more or less working. It runs from a fcc and light file with a 50 point .025 per point scale.


LED Lamphouse: This has the same light output as a Bell and Howell lamphouse and draws a fraction of the current. It can be used on optical, step contact or continus contact printers. It runs light and fcc files from a computer with a 50 RGB scale and an addtional 45 points of trim. The light is collimated and I can make a condensor set to fit your printer.

Some other projects that are in the works are a handcrank 3k scanner for delicate film ( it works but could use better flatfielding-1fps with color film). A servo Bell and Howell style light valve-the first tests have much faster zero cuts than a mechanical valve. A HD 8/s8 scanner- it worked but Im switching the camera to get realtime scanning. A soundtrack scanner-in development.